Montanella Raclette

A velvety texture and mildly nutty flavor make this Alpine-style classic perfect for melting…and much more. The Swiss tradition: melt Raclette atop boiled new potatoes and serve with cornichons, cured meats, and pickled pearl onions.

For more than 1lb of this cheese, please select multiples of the 1lb. option.

For a 6lb half-wheel, select the 6lb. option and for a 12lb. wheel select the 12lb. option.  

Origin: Wisconsin

Creamery: Roth Kase USA, Ltd.

Type:Washed-rind Milk

Type: Cow, pasteurized

Food Pairings: Juicy, tart fruit, cured meat, apples, grapes or wheat crackers, highly-spiced meats—corned beef, pastrami, sausages Beverage Pairings: Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Amber Ale, sparkling apple cider.

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