Landhaus Butterkäse

Butterkäse cheese originated in Germany and is made throughout Germany and Austria. Its name literally means "butter cheese". Although it contains no butter, it has a butter-like texture and flavor. Also referred to as Damenkäse or "ladies cheese" because of its delicate aroma and flavor, Butterkäse it quite complementary to most foods. 

For more than 1lb of this cheese, please select multiples of the 1lb. option.

For a 5lb loaf, select the 5lb. option.


Milk Type:Cow, pasteurized

Awards:American Cheese Society (2nd Place 2005)

Food Pairings:More assertive cheeses on a cheese plate, pickles, pepperoni and olives, apples and grapes, whole wheat crackers

Beverage Pairings:Chardonnay, Zinfandel (red or white), American Lager, Pale Ale, Octoberfest brew, Sparkling apple cider


Creamery: Roth Käse USA Ltd.

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