Chipotle Havarti

Smoky and spicy flavors are perfectly balanced in this bold yet creamy Havarti.

Perfect for:

  • Paninis, quesadillas, burgers
  • Spicy mac & cheese

Pair with:

  • Olives, cashews, pickled vegetables
  • Tropical fruit, peach or mango salsa
  • Bach, Porter, Stout, Bloody Mary
For more than 1lb of this cheese, please select multiples of the 1lb. option.
For a 9lb loaf, select the 9lb. option.

Creamery:  Roth Käse
Origin: Wisconsin
Milk Type:Cow, pasteurized

Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured milk and cream, salt, enzymes, chipotle spices, jalapeño peppers, annatto (color). CONTAINS MILK.

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