Tony and Esther Zgraggen immigrated in the 1980’s to the United States from Switzerland. At that time they had a Dairy farm and for 5 years took cheese to the farmers market in Madison.

After being absent from the Dairy industry for several years, they found the way back to the “cheese” with the purchase of the Alp and Dell Cheese Store in April 2009. 

The Alp and Dell Cheese Store is in the Heart of Wisconsin’s Dairy and Cheese Industry. Green County has about 400 Dairy farms producing 530 million pounds of milk annually. In the remaining 13 Cheese factories in Green County, many master cheese makers are busy turning this farm fresh product into Green County Gold. 

Alp and Dell Cheese Store offers a wide selection of over 100 different locally produced cheese and sausages.  

Along with the local cheeses, Alp & Dell offers a nice selection of well-known imported cheese from Europe. 

The Alp and Dell Cheese store is a leader in quality, selection and price.

The Midwest magazine picked the Alp and Dell cheese store as one of the “must visit places” in the Midwest in 2011, but those of you who are unable to do so can easily enjoy a tasted of these fine Wisconsin (or Swiss) cheeses by ordering them from Home Grown Cow. 

We make gift boxes and cheese trays and ship cheese throughout the United States.

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